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Click to find out what parent readers have to say about "You Shut Up!" book

Click to find out what teen readers have to say about "You Shut Up!" book

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Find out what other people are saying about "You Shut Up!" book down below and get a copy of your own. Discover how to improve relationships with whatever teenagers you have in your life.

You Shut Up! Got so many great reviews from people that employ or work with teenagers, that we decided to put together a workbook e-book to help employers, youth workers, teachers, and parents work through an easy 6-module process to achieve a positive relationship for YOUR and the teenagers' benefit. We'll be putting it up here soon!

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Parents speak up about "you Shut Up!" book

A book straight from the heart of a 17 year old teenager. 

Great insight as to how teenagers like to be treated and the issues that they face “growing up”. Its never been an easy time for teenagers when emotions run wild, peer pressure and pressure on themselves are always in the back of their minds.  I think there is more pressure regarding drugs and sex on our young people.  Children are being exposed to these pressures at a much younger age and that is a personal concern of mine. 

The main points for parents to remember as parents of teenagers is to keep communication channels open, love and accept your children unconditionally. If you have invested the time and effort and developed that bonding when they were younger then trust that your teenagers will and can make good decisions. 

Teenagers are our future. We as adults may think we know more but remember we were young once and we haven’t exactly created a perfect world.  It would be good to have an old head on young shoulders but we have all learnt and are always learning along the way.

Eva-Maria you have a natural gift.  Are you thinking of Psychology as part of your studies?

I wish you well.  You do have a very mature outlook and I thank you and feel privileged for letting me read your book.

Anna Geremia-Young, mother of 11 year old coming into teenage years,
one of the first readers of "You Shut Up!"

Mother & author speaks about 'You Shut Up!'

'You Shut Up!' is not a comfortable read. It challenges parents to reassess the way they relate to their teenagers and come up with an approach that is guided by a mixture of love and pragmatism, communication and non-interference, with less judgement and more trust – something we aren’t always very good at.

While parents won’t necessarily agree with everything Eva-Maria says – or be able to execute the balancing act she espouses – they will have trouble getting her voice out of their heads, especially next time they have a run-in with one of their teenagers. In a nutshell, Eva-Maria’s book advises adults to ‘chill’.

This is a provocative tale told from a thinking teenager’s point of view and every parent should read it for that reason alone.

Mary McCallum, mother, author and, book critic.
Her novel The Blue (Penguin NZ 2007) is amongst other things about
the power and complexity of maternal love
one of the first readers

Adults speak up about 'You Shut Up!'

“Parenting is a hard job, but it gets easier with listening especially when the efforts of your attention are able to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Eva’s book is not an easy read, there are some things that are not comfortable – and that is the way it should be.  The life of a teen is not always easy nor always comfortable.  The interface between parents expectations, their own dim memories of being parented as teens themselves, the social pressure of their adult peers, and sheer ignorance with the volatility of teenage emotions and reactions, media hype around teenagers, the force that teenagers make their point as they learn to communicate in a more sophisticated way, as well as factors such as fatigue, hunger and stress mean that many parents – though well intentioned – sometimes miss the optimal practice required to be a great parent to a developing teen.
If you need a handbook, and most of us do, grab a copy of Eva’s book.  But make sure your teenager reads it too!”

Steven Arnold, Founder of Athena Montessori College, Wellington

Adults speak up about 'You Shut Up!'

Eva is a young woman with a mission; she wants to change the world. If personal qualities, drive and commitment are all that is required then her success is guaranteed.  Eva has been a student of mine since I started at Athena Montessori College in 2003. She has the unique gift of being able to work with anyone of any age, including staff and parents, in a positive and supportive way. I would guess that every student who has been at this college received help, support, friendship and wise counsel from Eva.

It has been such a privilege to work with her over the last four years. Her workload in 2007 was huge and yet she managed to write a book as well as complete NCEA half way through Year 12. One of her major English assignments was an analysis of inter-generational conflicts explored through literature. She chose texts commonly found on university reading lists which drew on her Russian heritage and included at least one of Shakespeare’s plays. English was not her first language so she actively and deliberately sought out constructive and critical feedback to apply to this and all her other assignments. I am so proud of her, and delighted to see that she has chosen the challenging topic of her Level 3 English research as the topic for her first book.

Vicki Bamford, Director, Athena Montessori College, Wellington

Adults speak up about 'You Shut Up!'

They want to try everything themselves.
They want to do everything themselves.
They want to build the world for themselves.
They’re all prickly!

But what about us?
Were we any different?
Didn’t we want to be understood?
Didn’t we want to be trusted?

I guess teenagers are the revolutionaries we were yesterday.
Yes, later, tomorrow we became wiser. We started feeling the pressure of responsibility, caution, and even cowardness. But we wouldn’t have become who we are today without going through teen-hood. And what they want to say about themselves is the most valuable gift they can give us.

This book is beneficial for adults to remember yesterday.
This book is essential for teenagers to think about who they will become tomorrow.

Igor Axenov, Art Director, ASSIA & AX Advertising Ltd


‘17 year old, best-selling author Eva Maria, has coached more than one hundred teens as part of her research for her awe-inspiring work called “You Shut Up!” Get inspired to improve communication with teenagers and take a step towards understanding this amazing generation.’

International Coach Dave Rogers, March 2008


Eva-Maria, your inspiration, energy and determination is truly intriguing!

- Sebastian Wichmann, Revolutionary Entrepreneur, Australia


‘You Shut Up!’ Aspires to bridge the generation gap.

‘A wise teenager herself, she provides a down-to-earth insight into the teenage mindset’

‘Eva-Maria’s book includes valuable tips, real-life scenarios and practical suggestions for parents who want to break through generational conflict to create a better future for their teenage children.’

‘This young author seeks to portray the two sides to the parent-and-teenage story to facilitate compromise, and to give adults an insider’s look at the everyday challenges that today’s young people face.’

XL Extra! Magazine, April 2008 [published in over 14 countries]


…[her] aim is to help millions of parent-teenager relationships throughout the globe, and she’s well on her way to achieving that goal…

NZ Woman's Weekly, 3rd March, 2008


‘This book will give you never-before-published information to help you build a better relationship with your teen!’

Her Magazine, April 2008


Inspirational Kiwi Eva-Maria proves that teens with determination can do anything!

Girlfriend Magazine (NZ), August 2008


Former leading New Zealand publisher and bookseller, and widely experienced judge of both the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Montana New Zealand Book Awards, talks about what he is currently reading, what impresses him and what doesn't, along with chat about the international English language book scene, and links to sites of interest to booklovers…Bookman Beattie admires energy and enterprise, and here is a new book from a young enterprising author.

Bookman Beattie, 2008


‘Eva-Maria is friendly but focused – which is why she’s achieved so much in just 17 years.’

Girlfriend Magazine (NZ), August 2008


Eva is probably the most kind and empathetic person I know. She is always there with support for any situation. She knows how to have fun and is always ready to make someone else feel better.

Eva is a genuinely good person with a contagious good humour that makes confiding in her easy and trustworthy.

Milena Zuccarello, 16 years old, Wellington


Eva has always been an optimistic person. She’s always the good in everything; it’s hard not to be happy around her. Her advice has a wisdom beyond her years and she cares about the world around her.

Tess O’Connor, 15 years old, Wellington


Eva’s always been the person I can just come to and be myself. She got me through a lot of stuff in my life and has always been a mentor and inspiration to me since we met. She’s kind and not judgemental which makes her always easy to talk to. She got me through my parents’ divorce, mates’ deaths and most importantly got me back on my feet after I got out of juvi when we met, when there was no one around to support me. Anyone who listens to her valuable thoughts is lucky beyond reason. She literally changes lives; she hard out changed mine...and she's younger than me!

Callum Love, 19 years old, Auckland, who has had run-ins with the law a number of times; currently re-creating his life, and focusing on future careers


Eva-Maria is an inspiration to many youth. She personifies natural grace and maturity as well as having a deep understanding of her social surrounding. She has also developed an acute awareness of relationship framework among teenagers. She has often been a prominent supporter to many youth.

She has personally impacted on the way I both perceive and interact with people. On top of that she is a vastly talented young woman.

Jessica Clark, 17 years old, Wellington


I’ve known Eva on and off since primary school. She is a hardworking person (already passed NCEA level 3) and a dependable friend, always being supportive when things aren't going so well. She has a huge passion for life and strives to get the most out of it.

James Underwood, 16 years old, Wellington


Eva has an extremely outgoing personality and an amazing amount of energy. She has the ability to get along with everyone and anyone around. No one I know anyone dislikes or doesn’t get along with her, she always finds ways to cheer people up and she always cares. Eva is able to mentor people about anything and is able to help people during any situation.

Ashley Krynen - 16 years old, Wellington


I have known Eva-Maria for more than 11 years. She is an amazingly open minded individual who, as a result, is able to associate with a variety of individuals from different age groups.

Being around her you always feel happy, energetic and ready for action, but this young lady knows when to draw the boundary between fun and play and hard work. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on she will always be there and will patiently listen to your problems and give her objective opinion - one which will open your eyes to your problem and help you reassess it so that it could be resolved at peacefully as possible.

Eva-Maria has been brought up with great values - she honours and respects her family, friends and peers. Her optimistic-realist attitude towards life exemplifies that we should always look on the positive side of reality and after talking to her explain herself you will feel like you have just caught yet another contagious virus - but this one makes you jump for joy and appreciate everything that you have.

Anna Krjatian, 18 years old, Sydney