You Shut Up!
Re-Defining Teenager

ISBN 978-0-473-13122-7 I. Parenting - Teenagers.

Copyright © 2007 by Eva-Maria Salikhova

Illustrations Copyright © 2007 by Igor Axenov
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First published in New Zealand, December 2007

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Welcome To The Jungle

Part I: Cheap Thrills Are Still Alive Baby!

Chapter 1: Let’s Get High
Chapter 2: “I’m Depressed”
Chapter 3: Rebel Without A Cause
Chapter 4: Technology
Chapter 5: We’re Self Conscious
Chapter 6: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

Part II: Friends Make Us Who We Are

Chapter 7: Always There For Us
Chapter 8: Peer Pressure

Part III: Family Should Come First

Chapter   9: Support, Upbringing & Discipline
Chapter 10: Divorce and Separation
Chapter 11: Working Parents

Part IV: Teens Are People Too

Chapter 12: We’re Trying Not To Die Of  Boredom
Chapter 13: When We All Change

Part V: The Jungle

Chapter 14: This Is How We Do
Chapter 15: The Math of Life
Chapter 16: More Responsible Than You  Think