Who Is Eva-Maria?

Eva-Maria was born in 1990 in Akademgorodok; a well known scientific and educational centre, created in Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Russia. From a young age she was always loud and energetic wherever she went.

Eva-Maria moved to Wellington in 1996 with her parents, younger brother and older sister. The sudden change of scenery made her shy and quiet. Always trying to absorb as much information as possible, to familiarize with the new surroundings, she became less talkative and more observant of the world around her.

She picked up English quickly with the help of a group for foreign students at Karori Normal School. After primary school, Eva-Maria transferred to Athena Montessori College in Wellington. During a school camp, she was invited to join a small group of students to complete a mentoring training course.

From then on, Eva-Maria became a more formal mentor, working closely with other students and friends. She enjoyed her time spent on mentoring, so she was ecstatic when at the age of 15 she got the opportunity to go along to the XL Foundation coaching Weekend, where she was trained to become a Life Coach. In early 2008, she completed the full program, and can bravely say she is an Internationally Certified Coach, with already a handful of coaching clients ranging from teenagers to families, to single parents.

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A bit more detail...

Eva-Maria completed NCEA Level 1 and 2 by the end of Term 3 in 2006 when she was only Year 11. Following this, she completed NCEA Level 3 halfway through 2007, which made her NCEA completion one and a half years earlier than the average student. Throughout her schooling years, her strongest points have always been in English and Mathematics. Her English essay was highly commended by Vicki Bamford, Director at Athena Montessori College and published in the school newsletter.

At the start of 2007 Eva-Maria was in Sydney visiting friends, where she got the chance to reflect on her prior years of coaching. There she began writing a parenting book about teenagers based on her observations. The book has been available to the public since late December 2007, getting raving reviews and articles from critics and admirers for this complicated, but brave step to help bridge the generation gap.

In 2008 Eva-Maria has been busy promoting the book doing tours and appearances through various media channels to get more people on board to change millions of adolescent-adult relationships all over the world. The book has gone global and is being advertised in over 15 countries. In her spare time, Eva-Maria is working a few casual jobs, along with holding regular workshops for teenagers and adults. She also does family and individual coaching, is very engaged in public speaking, and is currently working on her very own project of making the template for a workshop to help and train teenagers to become mentors to understand themselves better, and help those around them.

Eva-Maria has often been referred to as a social leader in various networking circles. Her book “You Shut Up!” complied of real life scenarios, valuable tips and speculations on how parents can finally break through and minimise generational conflict to create a better future for the next generations to come. From this book every parent will discover teenagers like they never knew them before.